Tuesday, October 21

How to be both here and there
So I have it all worked out for this weekend. I go to Chris' party on Friday night. I don't go to bed. I go straight to the airport to catch the 6:30 flight to SNA via LAX (using the $200 voucher my sister Deb is giving me). Get in at 9:15. My mother is switching cars with me and driving mine down there tomorrow (with kitty meow meow). So I will have her leave my car in airport parking the night before I arrive (nobody can pick me up). Then I go to Seamus' Pirate birthday party (turning 4) at the San Juan Capo Mission at 11:00. I perhaps hit the beach or go see my other sister in Del Mar or go out to dinner with old co-workers (or nap from exhaustion)... this part of the plan needs some work. Then I hit up church at Rock Harbor on Sunday morning (best worship in OC and a congregation filled with cute guys) and then drive back home with mom and kitty. I'll make it home with plenty of time to hit the gym Sunday night which I will really be looking forward to after the 7 hour car ride home. I manage to be in town for Chris' party, make my vacation quota for the month, and not really spend any money like I normally would. Not bad!


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