Sunday, October 12

Finding Kitty Meow Meow
Today my mom was waiting for me in the parking lot at church when she heard a little "meow meow". She followed the wimpering cries to discover a tiny little kitten abandoned on the other side of the chain link fence. At the sound of our voices beckoning it, the little trooper clumsly managed to crawl over sticks and leaves to get to us. She is just days old. Her eyes were not even open and she was starving to death. With no sign of a feline family around I packed her up and headed to the pet store for bottles and kitten formula. She opened her eyes for the first time in petco.
When I was 5 years old I found a new born kitten and raised her off the bottle. Her name was Mommy Kitty and she lived to be 20 years old and just recently passed away a few months ago. And now I have Kitty Meow Meow. :) Of course, I still have my other cat Ming who is almost 19 years old. I found her when she was a kitten too. And kitty meow meow just reconfirms my potential destiny to become a lonely old spinstress living alone and loveless with just me and my cats. :(


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