Thursday, October 2

Birthdays! Today is the one month birthday of my blog so I am taking it public. It is also the birthday of my major high school crush, Mike Buckelew. Happy Birthday Mike (wherever you are)! And it's also Matt's Birthday and he'll be spinning at Cardiff tonight under his alter ego of MJ GAMEZ to celebrate! Sherry's birthday is coming up too, but I don't know exactly when. All I know is her party is this weekend. Wish I was in NYC still to help her celebrate. Happy Birthday Sherry! I wish you super birthday powers that make the scary art store guy not so intimidating and that you never find yourself with out a date to a hardcore punk concert again. And then next Friday is the birthday of 2 of my favorite boys... Jerome and Teak! Teakers is the most fun guy you will ever meet. That is why I miss him so much now that he never is around anymore. And Jerome is my childhood friend/ pretend brother. We looked alot alike as kids and he told everyone in summer school that we were brother and sister much to my protest. However, our looks are the only thing we have in common. Our paths split when we were still just kids and his led to incessant trouble. Unfortunately, last I heard he was once again being held against his will by the county. I'll have to call his parents to find out to what address I should mail his card. Hmmm. Other October birthdays... Tasia, Helen, Patty, Eliza, and Seamus.


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