Tuesday, October 28

Alright... Weekend Recap:

Flew into Newport Beach Friday night. I almost turned around when I got to LAX, but too late. The balance on my voucher had vanished into thin air. Met up with the boys to celebrate Tim's birthday. "Boys" were our core little group and then a bunch of guys who live in Tim's apartment complex. There is this one guy Bryan who was there. He's the person that everybody assumes we know each other but we don't.
"Oh, You know Bryan" "No, I don't know Bryan" "Ya, I'm pretty sure you met him at um..." "No, I've never met him." "Are you sure?" "Yes"
So anyways I finally met him and we hit it off great (despite the fact the way he talks and his facial expressions are earily too much like Frietas'). By the end of the night we were pretending to be engaged in some ploy to introduce Sunstar to women. By the way, this was not my idea. Thus, guys are just as manipulative and play games just like women do. I personally have never came up with a stunt as elaborate as these for the sake of meeting someone. I'm sure Carrie would disagree with that statement. She remembers all the crazy things I do that I block out of my memory.

Saturday was the birthday party for my nephew. It was a pirate party and costumes were mandatory. I looked more like a gypsy than a pirate. And my neice won the Boys division in the costume contest at the pirate festival. Judges couldn't tell she was a little girl. My poor little girl. She's real cute though. Check out the pics posted Saturday.

Saturday night, Chris drove up from San Diego to hang out. Chris, Bryan, Sunstar and I hit up Pierce Street Annex. I loved this place. I wish I had known about it when I lived there. But everything grew strange as the night progressed. Boys get drunk and do stupid things... Liz gets annoyed... Boys think Liz wouldn't be mad if she was also drunk, therefore it is my fault that they do bad things. Bryan picks up a stranger on the way home... some drunk fellow who follows him home. I get there and the boys are annoyed with their new tag-along and too drunk to figure out how to kick this guy out. (Drunk Boys= rude to girls, but oddly enough overly polite to strange men). Anyways, I have to regulate this situation and get the guy out of the house. And then boys sit around laughing and telling the same lame story over and over again repetitively until I make them all go to bed. In the morning nobody remembers except me. Nothing new there. Weekend with the boys really makes me miss having girlfriends.

I hit up Rock Harbor Church which was great. They are doing so much cool stuff in their community. It's a shame I can't be apart of it. Run into Jason Macabee, an old elementary school friend who also migrated to the OC last year. When I lived there my crew consisted almost completely of people from elementary and high school. It is a popular migration pattern. Then mom, kitty, sunstar, and me piled into my little ford focus and made our way through the ashes to home. I don't remember the drive or if I saw the fires. I was asleep the whole time.

Sunstar came home with me to run errands. So Joey stopped by last night and that boy looks good! He is the big fitness junkie who is all buffed out but this super diet he has been on sure worked because now he is just straight chiseled. I still think he is unnaturaley big (like that pic of Arnold Schwarti...), but all the girls seem to disagree with me on that.