Monday, October 20

All Grown Up
I went after work to visit the Lewis family who I use to work for. Aldin and Parker have grown so much. I started watching Aldin when he was 10 months old. Now he is 8. They are part Japenese and part German. Aldin has the asian eyes, but he is very fair, blond, and green eyed. Parker is olive complexion with dark eyes and brown hair. But his hair has lightened up from swim and sun and now he looks like a little hawaiian surfer. I met their abnoxious labador puppy named Espresso. And their mother Jennifer has just started a business in feng shui consulting. The boys showed off their Ninja holloween costumes for me and introduced me to their new phase in toys. I love this family. I've missed them so much.

Ps. Both boys remembered me but had forgotten my name despite the fact that I was their nanny for 5 years.


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