Thursday, October 9

Adventures with Wood
So step one to making my tv stand was to get the wood I bought cut. Home Depot couldn't do it because it was a precision cut (rounded on one side). So I go to my dad's house after work to see if he has one of those electric jig saws so I can do it myself... literally a 5 minute job. Also at my dad's house is Kevin (my handyman) and Wade (who lives in dad's garage). Their eyes light up when I explain what I need. All of a sudden these men are scurrying around the garage in search of extension cords, flashlights, saw blades... it's like their lives has purpose...they have a "Project".
It went a little something like this:
1. First they evaluate my wood and debate with me over my design of this tv stand (15 min).
2. They set up this huge fancy dancy jig saw (all the while telling me how awesome this piece of machinery is and how it will cut this wood in 10 seconds)....1/2 hour of set up.
3. I find my old backpacking backpack in dad's garage. They set up the air pressurizer to blast the dust off of it so I can take it home.
4. They spend 5 minutes delicately (and quite perfectly) cutting the precision cut needed for the project.
5. Then they bust out the sander and sand down all the edges for me and round them off (so as not to tear the fabric that I am going to cover it with)...20 minutes.
6. They spray it with sealant to water proof it just in case I spill anything on it... They tell me it will dry in just 2 or 3 minutes. I go inside to help my dad figure out his cell phone.
7. 20 minutes later I come out and the wood has been spray painted black and is drying. At this point I have to leave to get to the fabric store before it closes.
8. I come back 40 minutes later and the paint is still slightly wet. O-well. I take my piece of wood which now reeks with that paint smell and take it home to air in my garage.
So I didn't build the tv stand last night as planned, but I do now have the most perfect piece of rounded off wood. It made a 5 minute project into a 2+ hour deal but the experience of watching these 3 bachelor men jump into action to help little ole me was priceless. I think they were thrown off into thinking I'm helpless because I was wearing a cream colored business suit.
They were adorable though.


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