Thursday, October 23

31 Days Until My Birthday! And I think I'm going to throw another big party so you might want to keep the day open... Saturday, Nov 22. And if you are around town this weekend you may want to hit up another real big party tomorrow night at James' house in Cupertino. Don't know James? Who cares! Call me and I'll give you directions. I have specific orders from Chris to invite EVERYONE who goes to my parties in hopes for the same mad turnout. But he doesn't need me. With a promoter like Mr. Chris Friend, this party is sure to be off the hook. Oh, heck... the address is 18901 Pendergast. Mapquest it!

This morning I woke up at 5 AM and decided to get into my garage loft and go through boxes. I pulled out all those old tshirts I have been saving in motivation to finally sew myself that tshirt quilt I've been wanting to do. And I found my old high school uniform that I am using in my halloween costume. And thank goodness eight years later and it still fits! Then I spent all this time working on my hair and finally got it to look awesome... as in "better than my hairdresser" kind of awesome. So I celebrated conquering all that hair frustration by heading to the DMV and getting a new license. My old one has been MIA for about a month now.

Lonely at work without Cindy... 3 more work days without her.


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